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Re: [802.3ae] WIS status 2 register


There are no specific conditions which will cause the device present
bits in the WIS (or any other MMD) to return anything other than <10>.
The purpose of these bits is to allow an STA to go and poll each of the
possible MMDs that may be connected to it to find out who is there. The
STA will know that these two bits will always return the same value (so
long as there is a device there responding). If no device is present
then the MDIO will float high and so the required alternate 10 value
will not be returned.
The description for these bits includes the sentence '.. or that the
device is not functioning properly.' since there is a possibility that
there is a device at that address, but it's MDIO controller is not
behaving properly.


Manish Agrawal wrote:

> Hello,
> When should WIS will make  the device present bits  in WIS status 2
> register (  i.e. 2.8.15:14) "00, 01, 11".
> In other words,  In which conditions WIS will indicate "device is not
> functioningproperly".
> Best Regards,
> Manish