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RE: [802.3ae] Equation errors in Annex 48

Title: Equation errors in Annex 48
I agree. These should be picked up as editorial comments to 802.3ae. Are you planning to do this, or should I?
Notes for Fibre channel MJS document users: the equation in MJS that is equivalent to the one here on page 341 is also incorrect. It appears to be a conversion error, as the *.doc source was correct. The other equation (equivalent to the one on page 340) is correct in MJS. Not sure how it became errored in 10GE.
Tom Lindsay
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Subject: [802.3ae] Equation errors in Annex 48


When I look at the Draft 4.0 Annex 48, I find a few errors in equations:

1. Page 340, Line 52, the integral should from Tau_sample to infinitive, otherwise
        result is minus.
2. Page 341, Line 3,
        a. The function is JT instead of TJ
        b. The low limit in the integral should be minus infinitive.

Please check. Thanks

Best regards
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