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Re: [802.3ae] WIS Path Block Error and Far End Path Block Error


The inclusion of the Path Block Error Count Register (2.59) was done
by (approved) comment #374 against Draft 2.1. This comment has the
correct behavior for the Path Block Error Count Register, i.e.,
increment the register by one for every received B3 octet indicating
a Path Block Error. I do not know when the typo was introduced into
the draft. We clearly missed it in previous reviews.

Norival Figueira
Nortel Networks

At 04:20 PM 2/14/2002 -0800, Nepple, Bruce wrote:

>According to the specification,
>both the Path Block Error Register (2.59) and the Far End Path Block Error Register (2.37)
>are incremented by one whenever a Far End Path Block Error occurs.  I think this is an error.
>The Path Block Error Register should increment by one if a B3 parity error occurs in the 
>local receiver.