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[802.3ae] Report regarding last week's meeting and forward-looking plans.

Last week's meeting was a success. We had about 40 people in attendance, primarily from the optics track. All comments were resolved. Draft 4.1 is in process of being completed and distributed. Agilent Test and Measurement put together an excellent meeting. The test set up exceeded expectation. Most presentations were put together at the last minute and will probably take a little time to get them ready for the reflector.

Significant changes were made to clause 52, both technically and editorially. Due to the extent of the changes, we are going to open all of Clause 52 for comment.  This clause will be made available to both the IEEE 802.3 Working Group and to the IEEE 802.3ae Task Force in the password protected area of our web site. If you are not a Sponsor Ballot Group member, you may submit comments to either myself or to Brad Booth (BUT NOT BOTH) who will sponsor the comments. We HIGHLY recommend that you work in conjunction with others to limit redundancies.

Below is the plan for our best case (most optimistic) plan going forward and, as best as we can tell, the only way to get to a June ratification (assumptions parenthetically stated). Please note that the interim date needs to be in early April to make this work. There was never a plan for 802.3ae to meet in May, so there is NO allocation for our needs at the EFM venue; we needed an alternative time and place anyway. Since the time slot overlaps with Fibre Channel, and sufficient number of our optical experts will be in Vancouver, and this is a relatively easy place for our International collogues to fly in and out of, I am attempting to find space there.

Feb 27 - Apr 7    30 day notice out on interim meeting, contingent on 802.3 approval (dependant on date of meeting)

Feb 19           	Distribution of D4.1 (includes major changes to clause 52) 

Feb 24 - Mar 6    1st recirculation ballot (assume TRs on 52 and perhaps 53)

Mar 11 - Mar 14   802.3 plenary meeting (last chance for technical changes without risk for September slip)

Mar 14 - Mar 15   Conditional approval for RevCom submission from 802.3 and LMSC

Mar 19            Distribution of D4.2

Mar 24 - Apr 3    2nd recirculation ballot (possible TRs on changes)

Apr 4 - 12        802.3ae (52) interim meeting, possible Vancouver w/FC (no technical changes lest new TRs possible) 

Apr 14            Distribution of D4.3

Apr 19 - 29       3rd recirculation ballot (possible pile-on TRs, no substantive changes allowed from ballot)

Apr 30            D4.4 resubmitted to REVCOM (actual May 1?)

Jun 20 - 22       Standards Board Meeting

Jun 22            Ratification!!!

Jonathan Thatcher
Chair, 802.3ae Task Force