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RE: [802.3ae] RE: [802.3ae_Serial] 802.3ae PRBSs are upside down

Be careful, the normal pattern for an Agilent 86130A BERT (and probably
other Agilent BERTS) is an inverted polynomial (according to some CCITT
standard).  If you select the user interface to invert the output data or
use inverted input data, you then get the PRBS pattern without an inverter.

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Normal = not inverted. Some of the BERT manuals I was loooking at use the
labels "normal" and "inverted" for the choice of whether to invert the
signal. The word crept in from there.


You changed your tag line. Personally, I spend a fair amount of time working
for what I want.

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pat_thaler@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> That is consistant with what I've seen in the sampling of BERTs I've
> at. They all handle both the normal and the inverted pattern.

What defines a normal PRBS31 pattern?

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