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[802.3ae] TR comment...

I have decided to submit a TR comment against Clause 52.  I want to let
everyone know that the comment is coming so that there is no surprise, and
so there can be some discussion here before the meeting.

Of concern is the change in test methodology.  In November of last year, the
serial PMD group stood before the task force and stated that they felt they
had achieve technical feasibility and that they had a path to conformance.
The working group was also willing to accept that in permitting us to move
forward to sponsor ballot.  With the dramatic re-write of the serial PMD
test methodology in D4.1, we have moved to a test methodology for which we
have seen no supporting data.  It concerns me that we are not in a damping
state, but in an oscillating state.  The development of a new test
methodology without supporting information and agreement by the task force
and working group causes me great concern.  Therefore, I am submitting a TR
comment against Clause 52 that we do not have proof of technical feasibility
due to lack of data to conclusively show that the devices can be
manufactured and tested to guarantee conformance with the draft.


Brad Booth
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE P802.3ae Task Force
bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxx>