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[802.3ae] Clarification on Clause 45


Could some one clarify which device to put Clause 22 registers in, if they
are present?

If the answer is that they need to be mixed in specific device (say PCS),
how should one map the 16 registers of Clause 22 (including autonegotiations
ones). In this case, I presume, I need to set the bit 0 of register 5 of the
given device (say PCS) to '1'.

Also, when we say (D4.3, page 185, line 9) that MDIO address space is
orthogonal to MII register space, it is not clear how it is so.  Could
someone explain that ? As I see it, we have replaced device address by port
address and register address by device address. But this by itself, does not
make it orthogonal (unless we say that a fixed device, say, device 0 on any
port is defined as MII device).

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