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RE: [802.3ae] Query : 10G Ethernet RMON status !!!

Hi Kamal,
Yes, FIFO overflow is probably only such condition. Please note that aFramesLostDueToIntMACRcvError is packet count and etherStatsDropEvents is event count (each event may cause drop of more than one packet).

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Subject: [802.3ae] Query : 10G Ethernet RMON status !!!

Hi All,
    Can somebody clarify me on the following two definitions for Ethernet frames
- "aFramesLostDueToIntMACRcvError", section from IEEE-802.3-2000 Std,
Definition : A count of frames that would otherwise be received by the station, but
could not be accepted due to an internal MAC sublayer receive error. If this
counter is incremented, then none of the other counters in this subclause are
incremented.The exact meaning and mechanism for incrementing this
counter is implementation dependent.
- "etherStatsDropEvents", RFC 1757, Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base (MIB)
Definition : "The total number of events in which packets were dropped by the probe due to
lack of resources. Note that this number is not necessarily the number of packets
dropped; it is just the number of times this condition has been detected."
              ::= { etherStatsEntry 3 }
         Are both the definitions same from the implementation point of view.
For example, if we define the Ingress (Rx) FIFO overflow error as a MAC internal error,
then can it be taken as the "lack of resources" in "etherStatsDropEvents".
Otherwise, can the "etherStatsDropEvents" be defied as the drop events for packets which
has been dropped/discarded because of some filtering options, while receiving an Ethernet frame.
Looking forward for an early response.
Kamal Jain [SMTS]
GDA Technologies Ltd.