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RE: [802.3ae] Problem With Draft


I know you jest about submitting a comment, but you may find our sleep
deprived editor-in-chief won't find anything funny in the suggestion.  I
hope everyone on the reflector understands such a ballot comment is outside
the scope of the ballot and unnecessary.  

I'm sure Brad will investigate the printing problem and provide notice to
the reflector in due time.

As an update to the Task Force, the changes from D4.3 to D5.0 are all
related to normative references.  Some references were missing the
publication year, others the title, etc.  Because these changes would be
considered substantive by RevCom, the recirculation was necessary.

My complements to our edicated members, editors, and IEEE staff for the hard
work that allowed us to keep on schedule for submitting the draft for the
June RevCom meeting. 

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group

Intel, EC2-101
13290 Evening Creek Drive
San Diego, CA  92128 

phone: 858-391-4622
mobile: 858-705-1829
fax:   858-391-4580
email: bob.grow@xxxxxxxx

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From: Thomas Dineen [mailto:tdineen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [802.3ae] Problem With Draft


   I have found a small problem with your latest draft
P802_3ae_D5p0_full.pdf. The last four pages of the PDF
do not seem to be printable from Adobe Acrobat/WIN 2000/PC
The pages are view able and intact as seen from acrobat,
just not printable? Shall I put in a TR?????

Thomas Dineen