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RE: [802.3ae] BER monitor state machine

Hi All,

I search the email archive, and did not find a response to the following email. 

Can any one provide a background on BER, and why we only monitor the sync-header

(not the whole data block)?

Thank you,




I have a question regarding the BER monitor state machine in P802.3ae/D3.0, Figure 49-13.

Once I'm in state BER_TEST_SH, if sh_valid is true, shouldn't I go to some other state (maybe BER_GOOD_SH), wait there until ber_test_sh is true, and then come back to state BER_TEST_SH again?

The state machine in Figure 49-13 seems to just check if one sync header is valid, and if it is, it will sit in state BER_TEST_SH until the timer is expired, and then it will go to GOOD_BER state and deassert hi_ber.  Is this the way it suppose to work?

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.