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[802.3ae] Question about Link Fault Signaling


My name is Johnson Yen and work for Broadcom Corporation. I have one
question about the Link Fault Signaling on Section 46.3.4, page 283 of IEEE
Draft 802.3ae/D4.2. In the second sentence of the second paragraph, the
description is "When this Local Fault status reaches an RS, the RS stops
sending MAC data, and continuously generates a Remote Fault status on the
transmit data path (possibly truncating a MAC frame being transmitted)."  My
question is, do we have to immediately truncate the MAC frame being
transmitted and discard the rest of the frame? Or can we continue
transmitting the current frame until the whole frame is completely
transmitted and then stop the traffic? Which way is preferable by the

Johnson Yen
Principal Engineer
Broadcom Corp.
3151 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134
Tel: 408-501-8425