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[802.3ae] Another Question about Link Fault Signaling


In connection with current work of the SMPTE N26 Ad Hoc Group
on 10Gb/s interconnect for Digital Cinema, I would like to
solicit information from implementors regardgin the Link Fault
signalling behavior recently discussed by Johnson and Pat.

Please respond directly to me at cfharr@xxxxxxxxx rather than
to the reflector; this question does not affect implementation
of the 802.3ae standard itself.

My question to hardware vendors is this:
  Does your implementation provide a "diagnostic mode" or
  other ability to override the standard Reconciliation
  Sublayer behavior, and permit outgoing TX traffic to 
  continue even when a Local Fault status is detected?
  If so, how is this mode activated?

Thank for your responses (off-list!).

  Chuck Harrison
  Far Field Associates, LLC
  member, SMPTE N26-10gigif Ad Hoc on 10Gb/s video interfaces
  member, SMPTE DC28.1 Steering Committe on Digital Cinema
  +1 360 863 8340 (voice) PDT = GMT-0700

"THALER,PAT (A-Roseville,ex1)" wrote:
> Johnson,
> The text says "when this Local Fault status reaches an RS, the RS stops sending MAC data ...." I think that is a clear statement. It doesn't say "when this Local Fault status reaches an RS, the RS waits until the end of a MAC frame if one is currently being sent and then stops sending MAC data...." [...]