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[802.3ae] test pattern in cls49.2.8 vs. cls52.9, etc.

Hi all,

I've some questions (all refer to D5.0):

1) In Clause49.2.8, on p.375, line 5 to 8 says that seeds loaded in pattern of AnAiBnBi, with data input all zero or LF at scrambler. This is not consistent with Clause52.9.1 and Table 52-21, which says the pattern is AnAiAnAi with input data of all-zero, or seed BnBiBnBi with input data of LF. In earlier version (e.g. D4.0) they agree to each other, but lately Clause 52.9.1 was revised. Which one should an implementer follow?

2) The ber_cnt is 6-bit counter (Clause, p381). But in Figure 49-13, it is reseted after reaches 16. One bit is unused. So is MDIO register bit 3.33.13. Well, no big deal ... I guess totally 6 bits were reserved for ber_cnt in history.

3) Clause, page 224 line 54, "setting bit 3.32.2 to one shall ..." should be "setting bit 3.42.5 to one shall ..." ? Similiar problem in line 2 on page 225?

4) Clause Table 45-43 on page 225, the R/W type of the bits register should be changed from "RO" to "RO/NR"?


Wei Wang
Sr. Logic Design Engineer
BitBlitz Communication, Inc.