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Re: [802.3ae] test pattern in cls49.2.8 vs. cls52.9, etc.

Wei Wang,

You can get AnAiAnAi or BnBiBnBi from AnAiBnBi by making the
programmable seed registers identical. You can also select
between 0 and LF for the data input, regardless of the value
of the seeds.

The test pattern generater in Clause 49 is a generic one that
supports different seeds in A & B or identical ones. The user
can change these as desired.

Ben Brown

Wei Wang wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've some questions (all refer to D5.0):
> 1) In Clause49.2.8, on p.375, line 5 to 8 says that seeds loaded in pattern of AnAiBnBi, with data input all zero or LF at scrambler. This is not consistent with Clause52.9.1 and Table 52-21, which says the pattern is AnAiAnAi with input data of all-zero, or seed BnBiBnBi with input data of LF. In earlier version (e.g. D4.0) they agree to each other, but lately Clause 52.9.1 was revised. Which one should an implementer follow?
> 2) The ber_cnt is 6-bit counter (Clause, p381). But in Figure 49-13, it is reseted after reaches 16. One bit is unused. So is MDIO register bit 3.33.13. Well, no big deal ... I guess totally 6 bits were reserved for ber_cnt in history.
> 3) Clause, page 224 line 54, "setting bit 3.32.2 to one shall ..." should be "setting bit 3.42.5 to one shall ..." ? Similiar problem in line 2 on page 225?
> 4) Clause Table 45-43 on page 225, the R/W type of the bits register should be changed from "RO" to "RO/NR"?
> Regards,
> Wei Wang
> Sr. Logic Design Engineer
> BitBlitz Communication, Inc.

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