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[802.3ae] Congratulations

Congratulations to a very big accomplishment.
We all hope that this market will soon soak it up.

Special thanks to Geoff, who brought sanity into the equation,
and to Jonathan, who did try hard to make it a good standard.


Stefan M. Wurster
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The note below says it all.

My profound thanks to all who have participated and especially those that
have dedicated much of their life during the last three+ years to a rather
magnificent piece of work. I sincerely hope that you and your companies will
benefit greatly from this standard. Humanity at large certainly will.

I could fill volumes with accolades. Instead, let me simply say two things.
I have been honored to have worked with such a great group; I appreciate the
raw intelligence; the mutual respect; the dignity; and the integrity
represented in our Task Force; I have never worked with, and doubt I will
ever again work with a better class of people.

During the last 3 years, I have received a significant number of compliments
regarding my work as chair. I have attempted to graciously accept these.
But, I have always known, and attempted to make it clear, that my effort was
not and is not of primary consequence. The credit truly belongs to you. This
isn't some insincere attempt at humility. It is, simply, the truth.

Congratulations, Well Done,

Jonathan Thatcher
Soon-to-be IEEE P802.3ae X-Chair

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| Brad/Jonathan and David:
| P802.3ae has been approved by Revcom
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