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[802.3ae] XGXS Lane status register

Hi Bob:
How are you.
I have a question about the 10G DTE(PHY) XGXS Lane status register in Draft 5.0
bit 12 (5.24.12 or 4.24.12), lane alignment status which indicates
all four lanes are in sync (generated by sync state machines. as shown in
 Table 48-8 on page 323 and on page 327).
In previous Draft3.4, this bit indicated all four lanes are in Sync and Deskewed.
In other word, should this bit be Align_status? or should it be logic 'AND' of the Sync_status bits from all 4 lanes ?
Please advise me which one is correct.
Best Regards
Steven Shen
Siliconbridge Inc.