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[802.3ae] ATM Cells over STS-3c

      I am a novice designer on SONET and am stuck at the Payload
 processing stage. Can someone please send their valuable suggestions ?.
  Basically, my question is as follows :
 * My H1 and H2 values ( 10 bits ) gives a value of 522 which means that
   my payload starts from the first row, 4th column of my second frame.
 * If I am using this device to only transfer ATM cells, this means that
   the SPE of the first STS-1 does not have any ATM cells.
 * And, as given above, if the H1 and H2 value is 522, I start putting
   ATM cells starting from this address. Now, where will my 3rd ATM cell
   go ?.Should it be going in the 3rd STS-1 frame or should follow the
   2nd ATM cell in the second STS-1 frame.
 * How do we combine the 3 STS-1 frames into 1 STS-3c frame ?. Like, for
  TOH, we take A1 of first frame, A1 of second, A1 of third, A2 of
  first, A2 of second, A2 of third,etc. Do we do the same when it comes
  Payload ?.
        Can someone please suggest me and if possible, give me some good

Ramu Kurapati
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