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RE: Open Request to Del Hanson and David Cunningham: Link Model f or 1 0 Gig Ethernet

Since sending out this request, I have had a number of econversations
regarding concerns about opening up the process of making changes to the

The reason this request was published on the reflector was to inform
everyone and give everyone an opportunity to participate. Rather than make
this a random activity (and out of courtesy to the original authors), I
requested the authors present their opinions on the model and its viability
for our 10 Gig work. Following this, I anticipate that we will have a
discussion about where we want to take the model. If the group VOTES to
create a 10 Gig version to help us with our work, we will organize an
appropriate activity to accomplish this goal. 

If this sounds like the probable creation of an Ad Hoc group, you are right!

If others are interested in making related presentations to the HSSG, as
always, the chair will put them on the agenda.


p.s. In the original note, I referenced a book that David Cunningham
authored with William Lane. While I will not stump for the book, I know of
no other place where either the model or the history of its development are
detailed and explained. Of what I have read, I believe the record to be
accurate.  jt

> -----Original Message-----
> From: HANSON,DEL (HP-SanJose,ex1) []
> Sent: Thursday, August 26, 1999 8:17 AM
> To: 'HSSG_reflector (E-mail)'
> Subject: RE: Open Request to Del Hanson and David Cunningham: 
> Link Model
> f or 1 0 Gig Ethernet
> Jonathan,
> We would be happy to submit a relatively short presentation describing
> GbE link model refinements needed to deal with likely 10GbE 
> link  issues.
> This will be a joint paper which I will present at the York Interim. 
> This could be extended further for the November Plenary.
> Title: "Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic Link Model Refinements Needed 
> For Projected 10 Gigabit Ethernet Link Cases", By David Cunningham 
> and Del Hanson, Hewlett-Packard Company
> Regards,
> Del
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonathan Thatcher []
> Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 1999 8:40 AM
> To: HSSG_reflector (E-mail)
> Subject: Open Request to Del Hanson and David Cunningham: 
> Link Model for
> 1 0 Gig Ethernet
> Del and David,
> I would like to request, in behalf of the HSSG, a 
> presentation at the York
> meeting regarding the applicability of the "Gigabit Ethernet 
> Model (i.e.,
> Hanson; Cunningham spreadsheet)" for use in our work on "ten Gig."
> This model was extremely helpful to us in 1000BASE-X in discussing
> variations to the specifications and resolving issues. I 
> expect, as with any
> model, that there are certain underlying assumptions which 
> might have to be
> corrected (or at least tuned) for application in 10 Gig. At 
> very least,
> there will be new techniques needed to use it for multilevel 
> encoding, as an
> example.
> Some things to consider:
> 1. Use of truely single mode LW lasers (vs multiple 
> longitudinal; single
> transverse mode)
> 1.1 Compensated by adjusting K only?
> 1.2 Chirp?
> 1.2 Measurement of spectral width (rate of drift of "single mode" vs
> characterization of spectra)
> 2. The inherent difference between rise and fall times
> 3. Assumptions about ISI penalty maximums for a link
> 4. Simultaneous support for:
> 4.1 Serial up to 12.5 Gig
> 4.2 Parallel / WDM down to ?
> 4.3 Support of various multi-level schemes
> 4.4 Channel to channel crosstalk issues
> 4.6 Assumptions for SMF and high performance BW MMF
> 5. Replacement of the E/R (per FC proposals)
> 6. The various recommendations made by Petar Pepeligoski (IBM)
> Please let me know if this is reasonable or not in the 
> limited timeframe.
> Thanks,
> jonathan
> p.s. As background, I would suggest possible reference to the 
> analysis done
> on this model in the book "Gigabit Ethernet Networking"  
> Macmillan Technical
> Publishing; ISBN: 1-57870-062-0; chapter 9: "The Gigabit 
> Ethernet Optical
> Link Model."   :-)
> jt
> Jonathan Thatcher  ""
> Chair IEEE 802.3 High Speed Study Group
> Vice President Product Marketing, Picolight Incorporated
> 4665 Nautilus Court South, Suite 3, Boulder CO 80301
> Phone: 303-530-3189 X238; Fax: 303-530-4897