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Re: Please help to clarify some things!


Again, you are confusing the issues.  Out of band network management can use IP
as the transport protocol.  TL1 over TCP/IP is commonly used.  What is not used
is element and network management based on SNMP in band with the customer data
for transmission network elements.  IS-IS is also used as the transport protocol
for transmission network element and network management.  The element management
protocol for IS-IS is CMISE/Q3.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum
MCI WorldCom

Mick Seaman wrote:

> Roy,
> In terms of not confusing issues, can you clarify your statement "it will
> not do for the carrier transmissions systems".
> Do you mean that IP based network management (a) does not possess the
> functionality, or (b) the people who may procure the equipment have other
> ideas so they will not buy this irrespective of technical merit?
> Further can we clarify here what you mean by "carrier transmission systems".
> If these are existing pieces of equipment what you say is trivially true. If
> not then you presume that there are entirely new systems to be built for
> which either (a) or (b) above. Perhaps some of the purchasers can articulate
> their view on (a) themselves.
> Mick
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> Mick,
> I am not in any way suggesting a change in the way that IP based data
> communications systems change the way that they do network management.  I am
> stating that it will not do for the carrier transmissions systems.  Please
> do
> not confuse the separate issues.
> Customer Ethernet switches at either end of a WAN path will still use the
> network management that is so common.  It may be that some transmission
> equipment vendors may even be convinced to provide some SNMP visibility at
> the
> 10GbE interface on the long haul transmission line terminating or DWDM
> equipment.
> The common service carriers will want to have something other than SNMP
> available for the equipment that they own, and the element management
> communications for that equipment will be carried out of band.  This is a
> totally separate issue from the SNMP management of Ethernet switches.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum
> MCI WorldCom
> Mick Seaman wrote:
> > Roy, I agree that standards that have been put in place by the
> > ITU/T1/BellCore people differ from those in the IP data world. I strongly
> > disagree that the IP data world does not provide an adequate framework for
> > providing commercial data services that the enterprises that use them
> would
> > regard as mission critical. So from my point of view I can fully accept
> that
> > a difference exists as a fact but I am not in the least motivated to
> > accomodate this difference by wrecking the very successful foundation that
> > we have in the Ethernet world, nothing that has been said convinces me
> that
> > the difference represents a necessity for change on our part.
> >
> > Mick
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> > Subject: Re: Please help to clarify some things!
> >
> > Mick,
> >
> > I am not complaining about unreliable network management for IP data
> > services.
> > I was writing about a requirement as part of the ITU/T1/BellCore standards
> > that
> > the network management messaging communications for transmission systems
> be
> > fully reliable.   This is something that IP data people have not had to
> deal
> > with.  It comes down to a simple distinction between TCP based messaging
> and
> > UDP
> > based messaging.  It involves the standards for out of band network
> > management
> > on commercial transmission systems instead of the inband network
> management
> > standard that is used on IP based data systems.  I have worked on both
> types
> > of
> > systems and services for years.  There is a difference.  I have been
> > attempting
> > to get the IP data people to realize that the standards that are in place
> > for
> > commercial transmission systems and services are different than those for
> IP
> > based data systems.
> >
> > Thank you,
> > Roy Bynum
> > MCI WorldCom
> >