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installed MMF spreadsheet - update

Hello 10Giga'ers,

I attached a pdf with an update of the MMF spreadsheet.

The main update is the addition of the M810B proposal.
I had asked some data regarding this proposal. I did not
get it yet so I filled in the entries to the best of my
knowledge, based on their presentations.

The ISI loss entries are the results of my own simulations.
They might be slightly different from the results obtained
by the owners of the various proposals, but they have the
advantage that are consistent for the purposes of a relative
comparison of the different proposals, since they all use
the same model (my 1 GbE model).

I also corrected some typos in the previous spreadsheet
and I added in the second page the contact person for
each proposal.

For a more detailed and accurate description of each
proposal, please, use the presentations posted in the web

Jaime E. Kardontchik
Micro Linear
San Jose, CA 95131