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Re: Re: Membership on an 802.3ae Reflector


I made an "political" error in that my proposed text to Jonathan was a
little too flip but my point remains.
If the entire country were granted speaking privileges in the Senate its
current less than "web time" pace would grind to a halt.

The purpose of the reflector is to support the work of the Study Group/Task
Force. I have no desire to hide our work from the outside. The flip side of
this is that I wish that our participants will have time to do their jobs
of (a) developing a viable standard, (b) developing product and (c)
assuring a correlation between (a) and (b). We have had problems with this
in the past in this very group.

According to my archive of the last 13 months since the call for interest
the AVERAGE rate of messaging that has run in front of my face is the
equivalent (in old fashioned terms) of greater than 11 filled single spaced
typewritten pages every single work day for the last 13 months. That's the
average. The peak has been much higher at times.

I believe that engineers in companies that send folks to the meeting
should, in general, screen their discussion points through their colleagues
who go to meetings who will advise them to go for it (perhaps even over
their signature) or that it is not necessary because the point has
sufficiently been made in session.

If you wish to discuss this further with me please do so off the reflector.
I will be happy to discuss it with you further. My apologies to the group
for lighting this flame.


At 01:55 AM 2/8/00 EST, wrote:
>In a message dated 2/8/00 4:00:08 AM, wrote:
>>You may wish to add the following sort of text...
>>"Membership in the 802.3ae Task Force is granted to those who attend
>>meetings. Additional subscriptions to the reflector are at the whim and
>>discretion of the chair."
>This looks to me as if the Senate would have declared that only the people 
>that go to Washington DC and attend its sessions have the rigth to know what 
>is going on in the Senate.
>The community of people interested in the 10 GbE standards is far more
>than the 100-150 privileged persons that are able to attend the meetings. 
>Even within the companies that regularly send representatives to these 
>meetings there are far more engineers that are not able to go ($$$), both 
>senior and junior. These engineers are involved in Ethernet projects.
>they are not working now on the 10 GbE project, but many think that 10 GbE 
>could be their next project. For them the Reflector constitutes a valuable 
>source of information and professional education. I think that they are 
>entitled to know.
>Why make them feel bad and second class ? The rules for subscribing should
>fairly automatic, as I think they were till today. And we should assume that 
>no one has bad intentions in subscribing to the Reflector.
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