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Re: 3PMD Proposal

Dear Berned:

I believe your use 850 nm with 385 Mhz-km. at 3.125 Gbps data rate.

If you use 1300 nm with 500 MHz-km you will get 300 meter.

If you would preferr, you acn show ypur calcualtion on the reflector.


Ed. Chang 

 Hello Piers,
 I just got through Del's presentation from Ottawa again and stumpled over 
your calculation for the "Minimum Range" of CWDM over installed MM-Fiber 
(Slide 4).
 You calculated 2-300m for all 500MHz*km fiber but I understood that since 
Gigabit Ethernet the worst case effective bandwidth everbody agreed on is 
375MHz*km. Our calculation with the latter value let to about 180m.
 What am I missing here? (Of course we used your spreadsheet!)
 Best wishes
 Bernd >>