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Re: XAUI AC coupling

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A recap of which way folks are leaning on this issue:

Allow AC or DC-coupling

 Ed Grivna - Cypress
 Dawson Kesling - Intel
 Jeff Porter - Motorola
 Rich Taborek - nSerial
 Simon Sabato - Intel
 Tom Palkert - AMCC
 Sharam Hakimi - Lucent
 Fred Weniger - Vitesse

Mandatory AC-coupling

 Vipul Bhatt - Finisar
 Larry Miller - Nortel
 Joel Dedrick - PMC-Sierra
 Richard Dugan - Agilent
 Justin Chang - Quake
 Ali Ghiasi - Newport Communications
 Chris Simoneaux - Picolight
 Pat Thaler - Agilent
 Geoff Thompson - Nortel
 Howard Frazier - Cisco

Clearly there's no clear direction. However, as a compromise, I'm not
averse to going in the following direction: Specify and mandate
AC-coupled operation for XAUI. An note accompanying the coupling text
should allow DC-coupled operation in XAUI links which meet all other
XAUI specifications. Furthermore the overview and application subclauses
must be modified to show cause for AC-coupling is required. The current
test strongly suggests that DC-coupling is more appropriate (i.e.
chip-to-chip interconnect). What say?


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