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RE: Point-to-Point Links


I believe that there are only three choices regarding support for dotX.

1. Claim that 10 Gig does not support dotX.

2. Claim that 10 Gig supports dotX under a defined set of conditions.

3. Fix it.

I would argue against 3. I really don't think this is

While my review of our PAR and 5 criteria indicates that we could support
choice 1, I don't recommend it. I believe that there will continue to be
applications where dotX can be useful to 10 GbE customers.

I would therefore recommend 2.

The possible conditions might include:
Data rate (10 Gig for AE)
Distance supported
Memory required
Limits on the various delays

Ideally, we would only claim support to a single distance. Otherwise, we
would have a negotiation issue. I don't think we want to go there.
Not all of these would have to be "required."