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RE: stretch ratio control for a short packet size

Once you disable padding, you're on your own.  You're no longer compliant
with the standard nor will you work with standard compliant equipment.  Why
do you care whether the standard stretch ratio equation works?  Once you're
operating outside the standard you can use whatever stretch ratio you want
as long as your transmitters work with your receivers.

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Subject: stretch ratio control for a short packet size


The section 4.2.8 of IEEE Draft P802.3ae/D2.1 describes how to calculate a
number of idle bytes that should be inserted between frames when stretch
ratio control is enabled. The equation includes padSize and crcSize. This
seems to imply that the equation can be used for a packet of which length is
equal to or more than 64 byte.

If we disable padding in certain application, total bytes in a packet could
be less than 64. For such a short packet, the equation specified in that
section can be still applied?

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