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[802.3ae] Draft 4.01 Available

Draft 4.01 is available for your review. Please check this for editorial and/or incorrectly implemented resolutions to comments from Draft 4.0 and contact the editor of the clause directly. THIS IS NOT A SPONSOR BALLOT RECIRCULATION. Do not fill out the comment form. If you identify a non-technical error, simply inform the clause editor.


Jonathan Thatcher
Chair, 802.3ae Task Force

| -----Original Message-----
| From: Jonathan Thatcher 
| Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 4:18 PM
| To: HSSG Reflector (E-mail)
| Subject: [802.3ae] 10GbE: Plans for February/March; Outcome of Jan
| Interim Mtg
| 		As many of you are aware by now, during last 
| week's interim
| meeting the IEEE P802.3ae Task Force decided to postpone 
| recirculation of
| the next Sponsor Ballot draft until after our February interim meeting
| (watch for forthcoming
| information).
| 		Comments against all clauses, except Clause 52, were
| resolved at last week's meeting. Several comments were entered against
| Clause 52 in regard to testability with existing optical test and
| measurement equipment. We spent considerable time discussing 
| this issue and
| planning for resolution. 
| 		In short, the measurement error added by 
| existing equipment
| has a magnitude of equal order to the specification itself 
| when using the
| procedures outlined in draft D4.0. Representatives from 
| Agilent Test and
| Measurement showed us the results on their recent work to identify and
| resolve the measurement issues. We anticipate that Agilent Test and
| Measurement along with others will be continuing their 
| investigation and
| reporting in February. 
| 		Skipping the technical details, the key issue 
| relates to:
| 		1. the timing and availability of equipment to test
| compliance to the specifications,
| 		2. the cost of the testing to compliance, and
| 		3. the percentage of false negatives (vs false 
| positives).
| 		All of which have impact on time to market and 
| product cost.
| 		During the meeting, the optics sub-task-force 
| brainstormed
| alternative test methods that might be substituted. These  
| include replacing
| the BER mask with a power vs. BER measurement and simplifying 
| the stressed
| receive signal generation along with the specification of a "golden"
| receiver and transmitter. The PMD Serial Ad Hoc will be 
| working to validate
| and codify these methods for review at the February meeting.
| 		There are a number of potential outcomes during 
| the February
| interim meeting. Ideally, the Task Force will review the 
| results of the
| several activities; modify the draft to incorporate the best 
| resolutions to
| the unresolved comments; and complete the comment review 
| process against
| Clause 52 (and, modify anything that waterfalls into Clause 
| 53 or other
| clauses). A number of open comments do not relate directly to test and
| measurement. We will then publish draft D4.1 for review in March. 
| 		To expedite the overall process, we will soon publish a
| change bar draft D4.01  (not D4.1) with the updated comment 
| database for
| review between now and February by the IEEE P802.3ae Task 
| Force. This will
| include approved comment resolutions, only. It will not be 
| circulated to the
| Sponsor Ballot Group nor to the 802.3 Working Group. If you 
| have issues with
| changes from D4.0 to D4.01, please contact the clause editor 
| directly (or
| our esteemed chief editor, Brad Booth). The editors will correct
| misinterpretations or discrepancies to the draft D4.0 comment 
| resolutions,
| only. These will be incorporated into draft D4.1, which we 
| will recirculate
| to the Sponsor Ballot Group. We will review Sponsor Ballot 
| Group comments
| against draft D4.1 at the March plenary meeting, in St. Louis, MO.
| 		Draft D4.01 will be published to the IEEE 
| P802.3ae web site
| in the password protected area.
| 		Jonathan Thatcher
| 		Chair, IEEE P802.3ae
| 		Brad Booth
| 		Chief Editor, IEEE P802.3ae