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HP Survey... Cabling Ad Hoc: IEEE P802.3 Higher Speed Study Group -

FYI for the team.
---------------------- Forwarded by Bruce Tolley/HQ/3Com on 06/15/99 09:02 AM

Alan Flatman <a_flatman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 06/15/99 04:20:26 AM

Sent by:  Alan Flatman <a_flatman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

To:   Bruce Tolley/HQ/3Com
cc:   Bob Musk <bob_musk@xxxxxx>
Subject:  CON CALL DETAILS 6/15: Cabling Ad Hoc: IEEE P802.3 Higher  Speed Study
      Group -


I request permission for a slot at the Montreal meeting to present the
findings of a survey of in-premises optical fibre which was recently
commissioned by Hewlett Packard.

The objectives of this survey were as follows:

1.  analysis of installed optical fibre to end-2000
2.  segmentation by fibre type (50MMF, 62MMF, SMF)
3.  MMF segmentation by modal bandwidth
4.  installed backbone length distributions
5.  installed fibre bundle size & overprovision
6.  Western Europe & United States addressed

The presentation would be presented by Bob Musk of HP and Alan Flatman, an
independent consultant. I would suggest 1 hour.

Apologies, I am unable to join your conference call today due to a 4.30pm
flight (8.30am West Coast time). Good luck.


Dr Alan Flatman
Principal Consultant
LAN Technologies UK
Office Phone +44 1260 297966