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Minutes of the 6/15 CON CALL 6/15: Cabling Ad Hoc: IEEE P802.3 Higher Speed Study Group -


Mike Bennet
John Hessenbruch
Shelto Van Doom
Bhavesh Patel
Len Young
Jon. Thatcher
Atikem Mariam
Bruce Tolley

- Review action items from last time
Most of the folks assigned action items were not able to attend.
Action: Len Young at Corning stated he would expedite the action taken by Steve
Swanson to enable the posting on HSSG reflector of PDFs AT&T Survey summary

- Assign action of drafting 10 questions
Chris Diminico was assigned this in absentia

- Discuss electronic option: survey on Web site
Bruce Tolley presented the concept. Consensus was that a proposal would have to
be communicated to the whole reflector to engage the right companies

Review of the schedule

HP survey
HP with Alan Flatman has completed a survey with the following objectives:

1.  analysis of installed optical fibre to end-2000
2.  segmentation by fibre type (50MMF, 62MMF, SMF)
3.  MMF segmentation by modal bandwidth
4.  installed backbone length distributions
5.  installed fibre bundle size & overprovision
6.  Western Europe & United States addressed
Action: Group decided 1)  to invite HP to circulate to the cabling reflector a
summary of results and 2) invite Bob Musk/HP or Alan Flatman to dicsss next con
call 6/16

Siecor Installed Base Data
Allen Dixon of Siecor has made the offer of an interesting resource:
Siecor has project books with OTDR traces and
as-built drawings for 100s of  projects.  Some of the more recent installs have
data which is stored on disc thanks to the "newer" OTDR technology.
Action: Group decided to invite Allen to discuss the database in the next con
call on 6/22.

MAN/RAN information requirement
Jon Thatcher emphasised 1) the need o info about <A/RAN topologies and distances
2) the fact that such data most likely cannot be recovered by surveying BICSI
members or IT managers.  Len Young and Atikiem Marian took action to identify
printed sources of info on MANs/RANs and dark fiber

Between HP survey and the Siecor data we possibly might have a majority of what
we need.

Plan of Record
June: Develop screen/filter for target and develop short 10 question
July: Present information goals and a questionnaire at July plenary. Request
IEEE members and companies to administer survey to enterprises that meet screen
Mid July to Mid August: IEEE members administer survey
Late August: Results tabulated
Sept: present results to Interim

- Decide on next steps
Action: Ask Chris Diminico to come to next con call with draft of questions.
OWNER: Bruce Tolley
Action: Ask Bob Musk/Alan Flatman to circulate summary of survey to cabling ad
hoc. OWNER; Bruce Tolley
Action: Ask Allen Dixon to discuss Siecor installation data at next con call

o Develop screen, filter to target IT managers and others (such as BICSI member
cabling consultants ) who possess detailed information on installed cabling such
as ODTR databases. OWNER; I have no name attached to this action item
o Develop 10 question questionnaire. OWNER: Chris Diminico
o Post PDF of past BICSI survey on HSSG site; OWNER: Chris Diminico
o Post PDF of past AT&T survey summary; OWNER: Steve Swanson
o Post PDF of past Compaq survey; OWNER: Steve Swanson
o Ask IEEE HSSG to come up with list of customers: OWNER: Bruce Tolley, In
progress. We need to really think through execution and accountability on this
o Establish with Alan Flatman or john Payne status of other survey. OWNER: Chris

Date: 22 June
Time: 9:00 AM PST, 12:00 noon EST
Call in number: 408-326-6300
Call in ID: " 10GIG" or "10444"

Bruce Tolley

Bruce Tolley/HQ/3Com
06/14/99 12:17 PM

Sent by:  Bruce Tolley   -  Manager, Business Development, Emerging
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Subject:  CON CALL DETAILS 6/15: Cabling Ad Hoc: IEEE P802.3 Higher Speed Study
      Group -  (Document link not converted)


Here are the details for the conference call:

Date: Tuesday, 6/15
Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Time
Call in number: 408-326-6300
Call in ID:  "10GIG" or "10444"

Please note:
- This is a automated bridge called MeetingPlace that runs on a LAN attached
server without human intervention.  If you are the first person on the
conference, DO NOT HANG UP until other people join the call.  If you hang up
before others join, MeetingPlace terminates the session and no one can join the
conference bridge.
- DO NOT PUT THE CONFERENCE CALL ON HOLD. Such action forces everyone on the
call to listem to your company's hold music.  Put the call on mute by pressing
#5 (Pound sign and five) or hang up and rejoin the call later.

- Review action items from last time
- Assign action of drafting 10 questions
- Discuss electronic option: survey on Web site
- Decide on next steps and time of next con call

Bruce Tolley
3Com Corp