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CON CALL DETAILS 6/22: Cabling Ad Hoc: IEEE P802.3 HSSG


Here are the details for the next con call.   //Thanks Bruce

Date: Tuesday 6/22
Time: 9:00 AM pacific time
Call in Number 408-326-6300
Call in ID number "10gig" or "10444"

Bruce Tolley/HQ/3Com
06/14/99 12:17 PM

Sent by:  Bruce Tolley   -  Manager, Business Development, Emerging
      Technologies, Bus. Dev., Global Mktg

To:   stds-802-3-hssg-cabling@xxxxxxxx, David Law/GB/3Com@3Com
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Subject:  CON CALL DETAILS 6/15: Cabling Ad Hoc: IEEE P802.3 Higher Speed Study
      Group -  (Document link not converted)


Here are the details for the conference call:

Date: Tuesday, 6/15
Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Time
Call in number: 408-326-6300
Call in ID:  "10GIG" or "10444"

Please note:
- This is a automated bridge called MeetingPlace that runs on a LAN attached
server without human intervention.  If you are the first person on the
conference, DO NOT HANG UP until other people join the call.  If you hang up
before others join, MeetingPlace terminates the session and no one can join the
conference bridge.
- DO NOT PUT THE CONFERENCE CALL ON HOLD. Such action forces everyone on the
call to listem to your company's hold music.  Put the call on mute by pressing
#5 (Pound sign and five) or hang up and rejoin the call later.

- Review action items from last time
- Assign action of drafting 10 questions
- Discuss electronic option: survey on Web site
- Decide on next steps and time of next con call

Bruce Tolley
3Com Corp