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Call For Presentations In Preparation for Montreal


Straw Proposal: Call For Presentations In Preparation for Montreal:

We should be prepared to support the copper objective with presentations that address at least two of the five criteria used to characterize 802.3 technology.

  1. Market potential
  2. Technically feasibility

The technical feasibility should address the following elements of a technical specification for each different media type.


electrical signaling


connector specification


cabling specification , distance supported

This is a call for ad hoc members to provide presentation materials (or an abstract for presentations in Montreal) in support of the stated objectives that covers the market potential and technical feasibility for each media type.

 Presentations should be submitted to the copper ad hoc reflector by close of business Thursday (June 25th) to be discussed on Friday (June 26th) during a con-call scheduled between 10 AM – 2 PM (PST). Con-Call details to follow:

I have ad hoc members prepared with presentations for Category 6 specifications.


  1. The copper ad hoc membership (those who raised their hands in Idaho) support the following objectives for higher speed copper.