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Is this reflector still going??

If so,

I believe the reason we did not pull >75% of the vote for an objective
at Montreal may be that we did not provide a sufficient argument for
market demand, application space, and feasibility.

I appreciate the work presented, and believe that feasibility has been
reduced as an issue, but to really nail this one, it would be nice if we
were to come up with more consensus internally prior to presenting to the

We still have a chance to get this objective approved if we do the 

1) Gather 1000BASE-CX shipment numbers from cable suppliers and prove
   that stacking & top-of-stack solutions will use copper.
2) Obtain customer testimonials declaring the value of a low-cost copper
   alternative.. I believe I can get some of these.
3) Demonstrate network designs that take advantage of a low-cost copper
   link... I can do this too.
4) Come up with a SINGLE approach that provides low-cost connectorization,
   cabling, and silicon and present each of those elements to HSSG.

Its my opinion that the optimum solution may be somewhere between the HP
4-up/4-down proposal and the Transcendata 1-up/1-down proposal that uses
multi-level signalling.

I am wondering if a 2-up/2-down scheme with 8B10B, scrambling, and
multi-level (or bandwidth efficient 2-level) signaling may be sufficient to
do the job. Is anyone willing to consider that and perform some analysis? 

If we want a short-haul copper objective, we will have to nail it down by
September to get it into the HSSG study group, otherwise, we will have to 
develop a separate study group, PAR, etc which will slow it down and make it
much more difficult to complete in a timely manner.

Your thoughts?

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