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Re: 10Gig Copper Strawman


This is an interesting idea, but as a "marketing guy", my
sincere opinion is that the market for 10Gigabit over 
16-conductor copper cable is very close to zero.

A closer analogy would be 1000BASE-CX, rather than 1000BASE-T.
1000BASE-CX also required a less than common cabling scheme, and
has not achieved a high-volume position in the market. 

I have had literally zero users ask for 1000BASE-CX support,
and I have talked to hundreds of users about Gigabit Ethernet
technology, products and applications.  I anticipate the
same behavior for 10Gig over a 16-conductor Cu cable.

What customers value even more for this class of application
is compatibility, which 1000BASE-T delivers, and neither 
1000BASE-CX nor this proposal provide.

Best regards,

Les Poltrack
Product Line Manager, Gigabit Ethernet
Cisco Systems, Inc.

At 03:34 PM 11/18/99 -0700, DOVE,DANIEL J (HP-Roseville,ex1) wrote:
>Hi All,
>I thought I would start the ball rolling for a technical concept by 
>posting this strawman. If someone finds a serious problem with it, please
>respond. Cable vendors.. post IL, RL and NEXT curves. Connector vendors..
>do the same. Silicon vendors.. does it look feasible? 
>In the mean time, I am soliciting feedback from system vendors and server
>companies to provide a breakdown of copper versus fiber links for their
>high-speed switch connections. If you have data to share, please do.
>As I stated in the meetings, customers prefer copper when they can save
>money. We have seen a HUGE response to our recent 1000T introduction by
>customers who grudgingly used SX to attach our switches together in the
>wiring closet. I expect that as servers get 1000T NICs, we will see a 
>similar movement to copper in those applications. To quantify a bit, I am
>getting an HP marketing guy to put together some slides to provide more 
>solid numbers to back those statements up.
>Let's get this ball going!
>Dan Dove
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