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Jonathan's Proposed HSSG Distance Motion

HSSG Distance Ad Hoc Colleagues,

Thanks for agreeing at the HSSG Coeur d'Alene Interim meeting to participate
on the HSSG Distance Ad Hoc group. Thanks also to David Law for all his work
of getting this reflector to be operational. 
    Jonathan has distributed a working proposal for an amended motion
covering the application space and distance objectives. In order to proceed
with a PAR defining 10GbE objectives, objectives motions must gain 75%
    Please review Jonathan's motion proposal and comment back on it to this
reflector. Periodically, based on the comments, I will draw together an
updated version of the proposed motion for further comment. I would suggest
that we use this reflector for this interchange until 6/25/99. It would be
great if we could reach consensus without a conference call, however, I
propose a conference call on Monday, 6/28/99, at 8 AM PST to review our
updated version of motions we intend to submit to the Plenary in Montreal.
    Please comment back on this suggested process and your comments on
Jonathan's starting motion proposal.