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Re: Jonathan's Proposed Distance Motion

I agree with Jonathan Thatcher's proposal for an amended motion covering
the application space and distance objectives, and with Del Hanson's
amendment process proposal.

At 10:29 AM 6/16/99 -0600, HANSON,DEL (HP-SanJose,ex1) wrote:
>HSSG Distance Ad Hoc Colleagues,
>Thanks for agreeing at the HSSG Coeur d'Alene Interim meeting to participate
>on the HSSG Distance Ad Hoc group. Thanks also to David Law for all his work
>of getting this reflector to be operational. 
>    Jonathan has distributed a working proposal for an amended motion
>covering the application space and distance objectives. In order to proceed
>with a PAR defining 10GbE objectives, objectives motions must gain 75%
>    Please review Jonathan's motion proposal and comment back on it to this
>reflector. Periodically, based on the comments, I will draw together an
>updated version of the proposed motion for further comment. I would suggest
>that we use this reflector for this interchange until 6/25/99. It would be
>great if we could reach consensus without a conference call, however, I
>propose a conference call on Monday, 6/28/99, at 8 AM PST to review our
>updated version of motions we intend to submit to the Plenary in Montreal.
>    Please comment back on this suggested process and your comments on
>Jonathan's starting motion proposal.
>Attachment Converted: "C:\MyDoc\Mail\Attach\Jonathan's Proposed Distance Mo"

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