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Re: Discussion on the HSSG Distance reflector

     As I understood Jonathan's kick-off message, he was proposing that we 
     have two separate objectives, the first being phrased in general terms 
     such as the one he proposed, i.e. support for traditional LAN, support 
     for traditional MAN, and support for WAN access.  The second, and more 
     controversial objective will name the distance and fiber-type 
     objectives.  This is probably the more important of the two, and it 
     has not yet been discussed on this reflector!!
     We might already have a consensus on the first objective (although 
     there is still debate over support for the WAN), but we are nowhere 
     near consensus on the second objective.  I would support something 
     like the following:
          To define physical solutions to support distances of:
          At least 300 m on multimode fiber, including the installed base
          At least 6 km on single mode fiber
          At least 50km on single mode fiber
      I am not wedded to these numbers, but I do think that some mention of 
      support for the installed base should be included in this objective.
          -Brian Lemoff
           HP Labs

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Subject: Discussion on the HSSG Distance reflector
Author:  del-hanson-at-exch (del_hanson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) at HP-PaloAlto,exchgw2
Date:    6/22/99 11:07 AM

HSSG Distance Ad Hoc Colleagues,

I am on vacation this week but am following my email. I have noticed that
the dialog on the Distance reflector has died up. If this is because there
is agreement of the restated objectives, that is great. However, by sending
out an announcement of a conference call for Monday 6/28/99 at 8 AM PST and
an updated summary of objectives, it was not my intent to close down
discussions. If there are issues that need to be discussed prior to the
call, we need to use this reflector to make them visible. Also, after the
call we need to use the reflector to refine issues so we can go into the
Plenary with consensus, if possible.

Del Hanson