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Re: Motions


Certainly IEEE needs to debate these points.

Here are some comments.

At 11:05 AM 6/17/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Regarding Jonathan's Motions:
>1. "The traditional Ethernet LAN space."
>	I support this one, as our basic core business.
>2. "The extended Ethernet space as both defined by 1000BASE-LX and as
>implemented in common practice, reaching  beyond the campus and into the
>	I support this one as long as we stick to the basic constraints derived
>from 1000BASE-LX of 10 * 1 GBits/Sec and 8B/10B coding.

I don't think it is reasonable to couple the market we are addressing and
the low level technology used to address that market. The objectives need
to state the market not the technology.
>3. "Direct attachment to the WAN infrastructure."
>	I oppose this one for the following reasons:
>a) This effort falls outside our traditional market space and area of
>expertise of our group. Stick to what you are good at!

True it does fall outside the traditional market space. Never the less may
firms are building Ethernet solutions for WAN deployment. With this area
becoming a major new market for Ethernet I believe we can not ignore it.
>b) This effort falls outside the authority and purview of the IEEE 802
>LAN/MAN standards committee. This effort, if conducted at all, should be
>conducted by an accredited WAN standards group.

The links for WAN access are MAN links and therefore in the carter of
LAN/MAN. I don't want some other standards body defining Ethernet. That
would be putting the future of Ethernet outside of the IEEE. I believe the
issues is the creation of a well defined demarcation point between MAN and
>c) This effort falls outside the area of engineering expertise of the
>IEEE 802
>LAN/MAN standards committee. Again stick to what you are good at!

It will take some education for IEEE to gain the expertise needed. I
believe we already have a start at learning some new technologies.
>d) I believe that if WAN style functionality and features are added to
>IEEE 802.3
>the result will be a substantial cost increase for the equipment. This
>cost increase
>will abort the high volume sales which are traditional for 802.3 based
>NEVER FORGET WHY YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL! You are successful because you are
>You are cheap because you are simple. So keep it simple.

I would suggest we reframe from drawing any conclusions about cost or
complexity without grounded technical presentation and arguments. 
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