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Distance Motion

Thomas, et al,

I am in favor of having a LAN only distance definition, motion item

Because of optical networking issues, such as optical amplifiers, OEO
transducers, DWDM, etc., I can not seperate the MAN (10000BaseLX)
interface from a WAN (10000BaseLX) interface. In spite of an attempt
to create a language that appears to limit the distance to MAN
applications, exiting 1000BaseLX is being deployed as a WAN interface.
In optical transmission interfaces, there is not a distinction between
MAN and WAN. They use the same wavelength; they use the same output
power; they use the same framing and link protocol; they use the same
single mode fiber; they use the same physical interface. Look at what
Bill St. Arnaud is doing at CANARIE. I can not agree to the motion to
seperate the MAN from the WAN, items 2 and 3.

The issue of fiber type and distance are specifically linked. Any
interface that uses multi-mode fiber (MMF) is limited to LAN systems.
Any interface that uses single-mode fiber (SMF) can be used in MAN/WAN
systems in addition to LAN systems. In MAN/WAN systems, wavelengths
can be either in the S band, C band, or the L band. All three use SMF.
All three have been used for interfaces in both MAN and WAN systems.
The difference that I see between LAN and MAN/WAN interfaces is the
fiber type.

Roy Bynum
Optical and Data Network Technology Development,
MCI WorldCom
(972) 729-7249