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Going the distance

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of adopting the
802.3z link distance objectives for 10 Gig. We should remember that
we are still in the study group phase, trying to scope out a project.
We can always adjust the objectives later.

Let me therefore state my support for Rich's proposed motion:

> "Support the premises cabling plant distances as specified in 
> ISO/IEC 11801"
> The distances supported in ISO/IEC 11801 are:
> 100 m for horizontal cabling (applicable to copper, MMF, SMF)
> 550 m for vertical cabling: (applicable to SMF and possibly MMF)
> 2-3 km for campus cabling: (applicable to SMF)

Rich, I would encourage you to drop the parenthesis.

If we adopt this objective, we can make progress on the rest of the
work we need to do as a study group.  As was demonstrated in 802.3z,
we will need to review the objectives periodically, and revise them
if there is consensus to do so.

Howard Frazier
Cisco Sytems, Inc.