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Meeting summary


A conference call was held on Tuesday April 11 to provide feedback on
discussions  we had with system vendors.  The participants were: Mike
Wincn, Ed Chang, Vivek Telang, Jaime Kardontchik, Stefan Wurster, Oscar
Agazzi, Jay Hoge, Pat Kelly, David Sorensen, and Nariman Yousefi.  Please
forgive me if I mispelled any one's name. We wanted to understand the
requirement of a PAM-5 solution and explore the application and marketing
advantage of a PAM-5 solution over other competing 10Gig PMD solutions. We
also wanted to understand what PAM-5 can offer that makes it a compelling
standard. Nariman started by reviewing some feedback that he received from
system vendors on PAM-5.  The feedback was that PAM-5 has the time to
market disadvantage compared to WWDM solution for existing MMF
installations.  The concern was that when vendors start shipping a
particular product based on WWDM, they will less likely to switch their
product line based on a new PAM-5 standard even if it costs less by a
factor of 1/2. It was also discussed that some system vendors are
suggesting their customers to install SMF for backbones. Stefan mentioned
that he received positive feedback from an equipment manufacturer to bring
a solution that costs less and provides low power.  Then we had some
discussion on how to proceed forward with PAM-5.  We want to see more
interest from system vendors for this proposal as a 10Gig standard. PAM-5
will likely need to get its own PAR from IEEE.   There was a discussion on
educating the people more on this technology and maybe presenting it as a
solution for higher data rates like 40Gbps or 100Gbps.  

No votes were taken in this meeting.


Nariman Yousefi
Director Networking Engineering

PH  (949) 585 5450
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e-mail : Yousefi@xxxxxxxxxxxx