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What is ~10 Gb/s?

Title: What is ~10 Gb/s?

Ok, I would like to get the discussion really going. So, I'm going to propose a couple of issues. Hopefully, we'll get extensive reflector discussion, then I'll schedule a conference call for Wednesday to try to hash out differences.

A lot of the discussion revolves around the objective of whether we want to support a direct attachment to the WAN infrastructure by having a specification that maps 10Gig directly to an OC-192 like interface.

For the sake of discussion, my first objective is to nail down exactly which speeds we're talking about. There were a couple of numbers thrown out at the Interim in Idahao. The following table was taken from the web site at

Comparing Capacity
OC level        Number of DS-3
              circuits or STS-1   DS capacity   ATM capacity    POS capacity

              tributaries                (Mbit/s)   (Mbit/s)          (Mbit/s)

OC1               1       45          47                  52
OC3           3         135         129                 156
OC12              12      540         563                 622
OC48              48      2,160         2,254                 2,488
OC192             192         8,640         9,014                 9,953
OC768             768         17,280          36,057                  39,813

DS = Digital signal
POS = Packet over Sonet
STS =Synchronous transport signal


1. So, when we say ~10Gb/s, is there an actual number that we want and, if so, what is that number?

2. Is there more than one WAN number that we should be considering? If so, what are they and what is the basis (standard) for the number?

3. Is the number a "raw" bit/baud rate or is it the net after subtracting some protocol overhead?

4. When we talk about a direct connection to the WAN, is there also an assumption that we will pick up the integrated management, i.e. self-healing Sonet rings?

Walter Thirion
Level One Communications