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The excerpt below is from a message Tom Dineen posted to the main HSSG reflector. I have heard several "802.3 people" express concern over the perceived cost of using a WAN-like PHY. Do we have any data on the typical cost for a Sonet/OC-192/WAN interface in the 10 Gb/s range?

Walter Thirion
Level One Communications


"Direct attachment to the WAN infrastructure."

        I oppose this one for the following reasons:

a) This effort falls outside our traditional market space and area of
expertise of our group. Stick to what you are good at!

b) This effort falls outside the authority and purview of the IEEE 802
LAN/MAN standards committee. This effort, if conducted at all, should be
conducted by an accredited WAN standards group.

c) This effort falls outside the area of engineering expertise of the
IEEE 802
LAN/MAN standards committee. Again stick to what you are good at!

d) I believe that if WAN style functionality and features are added to
IEEE 802.3
the result will be a substantial cost increase for the equipment. This
cost increase
will abort the high volume sales which are traditional for 802.3 based
NEVER FORGET WHY YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL! You are successful because you are
You are cheap because you are simple. So keep it simple.

Thomas Dineen