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RE: Speed motion

I support this.
Walt (et. al.), what are the requirements of your group for next weeks
meeting? Will you need the Tuesday p.m. time? Will you need presentation
time? If so, how much and who?
It seems to me that if the ad-hoc supports this, it will not take much time
to present. Which -- given the difficulty I am having with the presentation
times -- would be greatly apprecieated.

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From: Thirion, Walt [mailto:wthirion@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, July 01, 1999 8:09 PM
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Subject: Speed motion

How does this sound for a motion for next week: 

Move that the HSSG adopt as an objective: 

        Research the relative merits of using 10.000 Gb/s and 9.58464 Gb/s
rates at the MAC/PLS service interface and select one of these two data 
rates as the basis for the standard. 

Moved:          W. Thirion 

I know it doesn't completely nail down which speed we will want to pursue.
However, it does narrow the selection quite a bit to the two speeds which
have generated the vast majority of the discussion.

Remember, this is the wording for an objective, not the final standard.
After doing research and presentation of more papers, we may decide as a
group that we'll want to pursue a totally different speed.

However, at this stage of the game, I think it is critical to narrow the
selection down to a couple of palatable choices in order to bring focus to
the research effort.


Walter Thirion 
Level One Communications