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[802.3_10SPE] meeting schedule

I have received a few questions about our meeting times.  We will be meeting starting at 8am Tuesday morning, in the Travis AB room on the 3rd floor.  We will run until 5pm or when we finish our presentations, whichever comes first (I think we’ll finish presentations first).  We will then break and reconvene on Wednesday from 1PM to 5PM in the same place to make any necessary adjustments to our PAR & CSD responses, and to adopt our remaining objectives.  We have Thursday 8am-noon scheduled as well, in case we end up needing it.  I don’t expect us to.  It would be best if we can spend Thursday morning helping to build consensus for the 802.3 working group.

The 802.3 opening plenary is from 10am – noon in Texas AB on the 4th floor, and those of you who may be up for getting voting rights should be sure to attend (see if you are unsure.  I see a few of our regulars on the potential voting list).  That way you  can vote to progress the study group at the closing plenary on Thursday.


The 802.3 closing plenary is thursdya from 1-6:30PM, (Texas AB) or so.  We will be near the end of the agenda, so plan to stick around.  Hopefully we will be recommending EC approval of our PAR and CSDs as well as that 802.3 approve a set of objectives for us. (remember, none of these have been formally adopted by the working group yet).  Even if you can’t vote, you may want to be around for the discussion.


Schedule is posted at




P.S. – don’t look for me tonight – my flight is now scheduled to get in around 2am – delayed incoming plane.


George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Chair, IEEE 802 10 Mb/s Single Twisted Pair Ethernet Study Group

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