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[802.3_10SPE] meeting today at 1:30

Reminder – we are starting today at 1:30PM.  It could be a quick meeting, so don’t be late.

We will be going straight into motions to adopt the change to our PAR and then the objectives, based on yesterday’s straw polls.

If anyone has additional motions to consider, please email me and Jon Lewis asap, as it helps to have motions preloaded and set up in the minutes.  That will help our meeting go smoothly.


The only comment we had on our PAR/CSDs was the one we discussed yesterday from 802.11.  Remember, our documentation has been presubmitted and we have to explain any changes to 802.3, 802EC and up the path, as appropriate.  David Law has asked that we have our response to 802.11’s comment early this afternoon, so I have put that first on the agenda of motions.




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