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[802.3_1TPCE] AW: Minutes Drafting 5C, Objective Meeting for 1TPCE

Dear all,

attached a first draft proposal for the distinct identity of the 5C as basis for the discussion today:

*There is no standard that supports Ethernet over one twisted copper wire pair at an operating speed of 100Mb/s.
*The standard will define one PHY.
*The proposed amendment to the existing IEEE 802.3 standard will be formatted as a collection of new clauses, making it easy for the reader to select the relevant specification.

I followed the advice to start from an already successful 5C and took the wording from the RTPGE 5C with just changing the speed grade in the 1st bullet...
If it's completely correct I cannot say, but on a first glance I didn't recognize any -T1 standard for 100Mbit/s?


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