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[802.3_1TPCE] Minutes Call April 17th


minutes from the  phone call on April 17th.

Thomas Hogenmüller (Bosch)
Fred Fons (Foxcon)
Phil Jackson (Jaguar Land Rover)
Ben Mosser (Foxcon)
Matthias Jaenecke (Yazaki)
Stefan Buntz (Daimler)
Mitsuru Iwaoka (Yokogawa)
Mike Gardner (Molex)
William Lee (Amphenol Adronics)
Dale Amason (Freescale)
Efstathios Larios (Jaguar Land Rover)
Natalie Wienckowski (General Motors)
Thomas Suermann (NXP)
Steffen Lorenz (NXP)
Larry Matola (Delphi)
Steve Carlson (High Speed Design)
Thomas Müller (Zürich University of Applied Sciences)
Alex Tan (Marvell)
Olaf Krieger (Volkswagen)

- Ground Rules
- Participation List
- Guidelines for IEEE-SA meetings (pre-PAR)
- Important Bylaws and Rules
- Q & A from last meeting
- 5 Criteria
- Objectives

Discussion points:
1. IEEE802.3 Criteria for Standard Development (CSD)
- Steve Carlson indicated that there are newer templates for the 5 Criteria, which are called now IEEE802.3 Criteria for Standard Development (CSD).
- Offline Answer by Thomas Hogenmüller: There is no clear statement on the IEEE802.3 operation (website) rules on which version have to be used (website should probably be updated). However we will use the new version of the CSD which are minor modifications of the known 5 Criteria. Changes will be explained in the next phone call.

2. Objective Bit Error Rate
The BER objective was copied from the RTPGE Objectives. Steve Carlson questioned this objective and asked the PHY specialists to investigate this objective prior the Interim Meeting in May. Task was taken by Alex Tan.

3. Objective 100 ms start up
The objective for a fast start up is crucial for the automotive industry. For the RTPGE study group this objective was optional. For 1TPCE it proposed as mandatory. It was questioned if 100 ms on the lower link speed is more challenging and if the 100 ms are technical feasible. Again this is a question for the PHY specialists and should be prepared till the interim meeting. Task was taken by Alex Tan.

4. Objective for auto negotiation
As 1000BASE-T1 as well 1TPCE will work on a single twisted pair channel a auto negotiation scheme should be developed which can be implemented on silicon products as an optional feature. Steve Carlson explained that for auto negotiation a CFI is required, the potential work should be done by the  1000BASE-T1 Task Force.

5. All documents for the PAR will be published and maintained on the study group website. 

Thomas Hogenmüller

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