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[802.3_1TPCE] Minutes Phone Call April 24th


minutes from phone call on April 24th:

Thomas Hogenmüller (Bosch)
Yong Kim (Broadcom)
Mitsuru Iwaoka (Yokogawa)
Steffen Lorenz (NXP)
Matthias Jaenecke (Yazaki)
Phil Jackson (Jaguar Land Rover)
Mehmet Tazebay (Broadcom)
Olaf Krieger (Volkswagen)
Dale Amason (Freescale)

Ground Rules
Participation List
Guidelines for IEEE-SA meetings (pre-PAR)
Important Bylaws and Rules
Q & A from last meeting
Criteria for Standards Development

Discussion points:
- transfer of 5 Criteria (5 C) into "Criteria for Standards Development (CSD)"
- refinement on CSD and Objectives

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Thomas Hogenmueller

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Description: 20140424_ManagedObjects.pdf

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Description: 20140424_Objectives.pdf

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