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[802.3_1TPCE] Proposed Responses to P802.3bw D3.2.1 SB R2


The editorial team has posted the proposed responses to comments received on
D3.2.1. Here are some guidelines on the received comments for you to keep in
mind as you look over the responses.

87 comments received during the ballot (many out of scope)

Out-of-scope: This comment is not against a changed portion of the draft, a
portion of the draft affected
by changes, or a portion of the draft that is the subject of unresolved
comments associated
with "Disapprove" votes. It is therefore out of the scope of the
recirculation ballot.

12 comments received after ballot close (identified by the commenter as
	The TF must choose whether to consider these
	If considered, these comments are non-binding
	Otherwise, all that is required is to notify the commenter that the
comments were received
	Suggest the TF vote to consider them

74 out-of-scope, plus 12 out-of-scope late
	Out-of-scope comments can be rejected with no further reason needed
	Use this wisely---carefully consider each comment on its merit
	If something is broken, let's fix it

60 ?rogue? comments from people not part of the SB ballot group made via the
Chair?s Standard Offer (many out-of-scope)
	These are non-binding but must be considered, including out-of-scope

7 ?must be satisfied? comments

We are trying to produce the best possible draft and I thank all the
commenters for their thorough review. We want the next recirculation, SB R3,
to come back clean (no comments.) At that point, the work of the Task Force
will be finished.

Best regards,


Steven B. Carlson
Chair, IEEE P802.3bp 1000BASE-T1 PHY Task Force
Chair, IEEE P802.3bw 100BASE-T1 PHY Task Force
Executive Secretary, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group
High Speed Design, Inc.
Portland, OR