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[802.3_25GSMF] FW: [802.3_25GSMF] [STDS-802-3-25GSMF] IEEE 25GSMF Study Group Mar 2016 - Agenda and Call for Presentations


A friendly reminder to please send me presentation requests for our 25 Gb/s SMF Study Group meeting in Macau.  Although the announcement below said requests are due by March 3rd, it is not necessary to wait till then.  I’m trying to plan our agenda so that I can share it with others ahead of the meeting.


Some suggestions are:

1.       Presentations on technical feasibility from some of those that have already built 25 Gb/s transceivers for 10km and 40km reaches.  This includes 100G LR4, ER4 and non-Ethernet modules, where the sub-components operate at 25-28 Gb/s.

2.       Presentations from equipment builders and users on the need for 10km and 40km SMF reaches at 25 Gb/s.

3.       Presentations from cabling suppliers on the existing installed base(s) of 10km and 40km links.


The main goal in Macao is to have our PAR and CSD responses ready for consideration at the 802.3 WG closing plenary.  It will help our cause if we can  demonstrate broad support and participation.



David Lewis


SG Chair




From: David Lewis [mailto:David.Lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 1:28 AM
To: STDS-802-3-25GSMF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [802.3_25GSMF] [STDS-802-3-25GSMF] IEEE 25GSMF Study Group Mar 2016 - Agenda and Call for Presentations



The IEEE P802.3 25GSMF Study Group will be meeting during the IEEE 802 Mar Plenary Meeting (week of Mar 13, 2016).  Meeting details, hotel reservations and registration links may be found at the following URL:    Please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.  


The Study Group will be meeting from 1:00PM to 6:00PM on Monday March 14, and again on Wednesday Mar 16 at 1:00PM.  The Wednesday session will be to finalize any documentation modifications needed based on comments received up to Tuesday evening. 


The scope and agenda of the meeting for Monday will be the review the status of the project documentation and if time permits, to hear presentations on 25 Gb/s SMF applications. Presentations should address comments submitted against the adopted objectives, draft PAR and draft CSD responses. 


Anyone wishing to present, please provide the following information:


Name of presenter (including affiliation)

Title of presentation 

Length of time requested (this should include time for questions and answers

Brief description of topic 


Presentations should be kept to 20 minutes in duration, excluding time for questions and answers.  Requests for presentation time greater than 20 minutes will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the requestor should contact the chair prior to making the request to justify the additional time.  As Chair, I reserve the right to introduce parties to each other in the interest of consensus building, if the two (or more) parties are planning a presentation on a similar topic.


The presentation request date is two Thursdays preceding the meeting.  For the Mar Plenary meeting, requests for presentation time shall be made to me at david.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx  and must be made by Thursday, Mar 3, 2016.  The presenter shall e-mail a PDF, soft-copy version of the presentation to me at david.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx by Monday of the week preceding the meeting.  For the Mar Plenary, presentations must be submitted by Monday, Mar 7, 2016..  While deadline dates have been provided, in the interest of meeting planning, I will appreciate if individuals contact me as soon as possible with their presentation requests.


Please make sure that you use the noted email address above.


As a reminder, please make sure that all requests for presentations or submissions of presentation material have no restrictive notices at the bottom of the email.  All such emails will be refused and requests / presentations will not be acknowledged.  


To support the web site search tool used by the IEEE P802.3 web site the 'Document Information' fields of the PDF file must be completed as follows: 


Title: Title of presentation 

Author: Name(s) of author(s) 

Subject: IEEE P802.3 25GSMF Study Group


I look forward to seeing everyone in Mar.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Best Regards,


David Lewis

Chair, IEEE P802.3 25GSMF Study Group

Tel:       408-439-5371

Email    david.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx