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IEEE 802.3 400 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group

 Interim Meeting Material
May 17, 2013
Victoria, BC, Canada


Meeting Materials

All Files
     17-May-13 (7.8M)

General Information

Agenda and General Information
     9-May-13 (150k)
John D'Ambrosia Dell
Unapproved Meeting Minutes
     17-May 13 (41k)
Ghani Abbas Ericsson

Liaisons & Communications

Proposed Informal Communction to ITU-T
    17-May 13 (15k)
Steve Trowbridge Alcatel-Lucent
Proposed Informal Communction to OIF
    9-May 13 (19k)
Steve Trowbridge Alcatel-Lucent
Proposed Informal Communction to Euro-IX
     17-May 13 (25k)
John D'Ambrosia Dell

Meeting Presentations

Overview of the Process
     9-May-13 (206k)
Wael Diab Broadcom
Review of the 5 Criteria
    9-May-13 (158k)
Howard Frazier Broadcom
Guidelines for Project Objectives
   17-May-13 (67k)
Howard Frazier Broadcom
The 400 GbE Project Ahead
     9-May-13 (823k)
John D'Ambrosia Dell
400GbE Logic Thoughts
     17-May-13 (114k)
Mark Gustlin
John D'Ambrosia
Gary Nicholl
Objectives for 400 GbE
     9-May-13 (7k)
Steve Trowbridge Alcatel-Lucent
The BER Objective for 400 GE
     17-May-13 (407k)
David Ofelt Juniper
Scalable 400 GbE Architecture
     17-May-13 (747k)
Ali Ghiasi
Rishi Chugh
Eric Baden
Zhongfeng Wang
Considerations on options for 400GE optical interface
     9-May-13 (460k)
Xiaolu Song
Peter Stassar
Li Zeng
Suping Zhai
Xinyuan Wang
Wei Chen
Wenjun Zhou
400 Gb/s PMD Roadmap
     17-May-13 (88k)
Chris Cole Finisar
400G Architecture Considerations
     9-May-13 (208k)
Brad Booth Dell
CFP2 / CFP4 connector SI capability for 400 Gb/s Ethernet
    17-May-13 (510k)
Takeshi Nishimura
Toshiyasu Ito
Hiroaki Kikita
Yamaichi Electronics
Using Ensemble NRZ Coding for 400GE Electrical Interfaces
     9-May-13 (749k)
Brian Holden Kandou Bus
400GE at the Cost of 4 x 100GE
    17-May-13 (1.1M)
Jeff Maki  Juniper
Initial Thoughts on Architecture and PMD Objectives for 400GE
    17-May-13 (1.7M)
Gary Nicholl Cisco
Copper Cable at 400Gbps
     9-May-13 (727k)
Mark Bugg Molex
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